3D Roll forming Machines

ORTIC is your partner from Idea to Turn key machinery and Highly efficient production.
Starting in 1984 ORTIC has built many traditional Turn Key roll forming lines. The core of ORTIC has always been to make the more complex machine lines including a large portion of flexibility.
Based in this experience ORTIC started early 2000 developing 3D roll forming machines. Since then, we have developed three different types of 3D roll forming machines which all have their unique capacity.

Depending on the customer needs we have the possibility to tailor the machine line set-up and if needed making combinations of the machine types to create the profile requested.
This includes three different types of 3D roll forming stands as well as traditional stands, all for best flexible roll forming solution.

The schematic roll forming line below includes all basic functions which may be needed to fulfil customer demands.
It has Decoiler, Straightener, Press, Side trimming for 3D forming, Flexible roll forming, cutting and profile handling.
This true flexibility is possible using ORTIC AdvantRoll control system, which take care of all ingoing components in the complete roll forming machine set-up.


Designed for advanced panels in unlimited length (max length produced in one piece 258 meters).


Designed for long conical profiles, both open and closed, including optional in line laser welding.


Designed for advanced profiles variable in all directions, including bending.


Inquiries or questions regarding 3D Roll Forming:

Johan Eriksson


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